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Troubleshooting & FAQs

Boot Issues

Help! The MH-USB won't boot!

First don't panic! :)

Try out the following steps:

  1. If you insert the USB disk into a computer, does it show up?

    A quick way to test this out on a GNU/Linux system would be to run lsblk or check dmesg.

  2. If the USB does not get detected, then it could either be an issue with your USB disk. (Or, at times, the USB port / hub.) See if it gets detected in other computers. Or change the USB port. Or try to use it without a USB hub (if you're using one).

    Still nothing? Do write in to us at with "MH-USB" somewhere in the email subject and we'll help you out.

    The MH-USB discussion forum is another option.

  3. If it does get detected, then try to mount the partition called "MH-USB".
    It should get mounted just fine on any OS. If you're able to mount this filesystem, check its contents.

  4. If the contents are okay and readable, then its probably a Grub2 issue.
    Unless you want to debug it and learn about Grub and Ventoy in this process, that one option.

    Otherwise, a simple solution might be to just backup the contents of the USB disk and re-install the MH-USB software using the scripts included with the source code.

I'm unable to boot operating system X!

That could happen due to multiple reasons:

  1. Its possible that the OS image on the disk has errors in it. The easiest way to verify that is to calculate and verify its checksum.

  2. When using SeaBIOS with Coreboot, it possible that the OS image might not be able to initialise graphics mode and show its internal boot menu. Try pressing the Tab key twice to show boot options.

  3. Does Ventoy include support for that operating system? The list of supported (ie. tested out) operating systems is available here:

If you still face problems, please do post on the MH-USB discussion forum so that we can try to debug it together.

I formatted the disk by mistake and now it won't boot!

You can easily recreate the MH-USB on the USB disk (or, for that matter, any USB disk out there!) by using the scripts provided with the source code.

MH-USB Questions

Can I use it as a portable storage device?

Yes - Sure. The reason the MH-USB partition is formatted as exFAT is so that its possible to detect and use it on all operating systems. You can store any data on it and use it to transfer files.


It is not safe to store important or private or sensitive data on a portable USB disk. Please be careful. Consider encrypting the storage disk if you need to secure the data stored on it.

Does the MH-USB require upgrades?

Not really. The MH-USB is basically a Grub2 bootable disk which in turn loads and boots up operating system images. In case there is a specific bug that stops it from working, there isn't any real reason to upgrade Venoty/Grub.

However, if you are interested in contributing to the development effort or further customising the MH-USB - that's a good reason to upgrade / update its configuration.

The MH-USB is slow!

Check the performance benchmarks for the USB2 model. Try to replicate them and see if your results come close to it. That would indicate a limit of the USB disk's performance.

If you have a USB3 disk and connecting it to a USB2 port, that might result in slower transfer speeds as well. Do check that out.

I really like the 3D printed disk. How do I customise its looks?

Yes sure! By all means. The source code for the 3D printed enclosure is included within the MH-USB source code.

If you need help with design, production, customisation or distribution, please feel free to reach out.

Can you send me a USB disk with the OS images I need?

MH-USB variants with custom images would require too much effort - unless what you have is a volume requirement (ie. at least 100 units). You can make your own custom USB disk very easily by adding the OS images of your choice and customising the Grub2 theme.